A leader in W2E solutions

Our Vision
Green-Gain pyrolysis chambers convert waste to energy with zero emissions.
The Market
With the ability to convert a wide range of waste streams into energy, the market for
pyrolysis units are vast with potential customers such as municipalities, chemical
industries, agri-businesses, hospitals, and more.
Competitive Edge
While existing pyrolysis units consume energy and generate gas emissions that require further scrubbing (at a high cost), Green Gain is practically energetically independent and generates zero emissions.
Business Model
Green Gain will sell fully automated W2E facilities to waste management operators.
Our customers will benefit from the unit's side products – electricity, synthetic gas
and fuel, charcoal, and smaller amounts of other chemicals.
2023 – finish pilot runs and POC; 2024 – install first 2 units;
2025 – break even; 2028 – installation base over 50 units.
Join The Project
Green Gain Energy is seeking immediate funding of $500K to allow the completion of our pilot unit.
Noam Stahl – CEO noams@greengain.co.il

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