Our company has developed a waste treatment facility to convert any type
of solid organic waste into usable forms of energy with zero emissions.
with the help of the integration of ground-breaking technologies, We
offer you a chance to
  • give value to your waste.
  • Meet modern standards of waste treatment.
  • Be part of the global solutions to the energy crisis.

About US image

Igor Grushevsky


Master's degrees in mechanical Engineering and HVAC Engineering, Leningrad Polytechnic Institute More than 20 years in construction management and supervision in the energy sector.

Alex Vexler

Chairman and Owner

More than 15 years of management experience.

Moshe Zack


Moshe holds degrees in Economy and Banking from the London School of Economy. He gained decades of experience in the investment banking sector, including PNB and Robert Fleming. Moshe established and directed National Biodiesel Israel – a biodiesel company.